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Linkwork supports companies and employees at a critical moment, which is the termination of cooperation. We combine legal assistance and effective communication (internal and external) with the preparation of employees for re-entering the labor market. We enable clients to go through this difficult stage efficiently and with respect for both parties. We care for the company’s social capital and its long-term value as a trustworthy employer. We will help employees find a new job in which they will be able to use their experience and skills.

Respect and results
at each stage

What We Do

Did you know that 66% of companies plan to launch restructuring programs this year? Competition in the labor market will increase rapidly. What does it take to win this race? If you are:
1. a manager who has to make a difficult decision to dismiss an employee whom you respect and value,
2. you have just been released or will be soon,
3. you are stuck in your current role and you do not have time or know how to look for new opportunities,
This program is for you.
What we will do for you

1. we will teach you how to look for a job in the hidden market, how to win during a job interview and how to prepare a perfect CV,
2. you learn to sell yourself and your experience,
3. you will receive an excellent Coach with whom you will work on overcoming individual barriers,
4. we will actively promote you in your search for a new job, talking to almost 500 companies on your behalf (employers, recruiters, investment funds),
5. We will set up candidate profiles for you on 6 key job offers websites.

Do you have to release part of your team? Have you gathered a great group of employees, passed them knowledge, developed them and sometimes even spent free time with them? They are now facing the most stressful and changing moment in their lives – job loss. In turn, your company may face a decrease in the morale and effectiveness of the employees remaining, as well as social pressure and deterioration of the good employer image. Things built and developed for years are worth protecting. Especially since after the economic change, attracting the best employees to the company will be key to success.
Therefore, if you want to:

1. confirm that the values proclaimed by the company are authentic,
2. maintain a high level of morale and commitment of team members who stay in the company,
3. make sure that your employees gain a competitive advantage on the labor market,
4. be recognized as a true leader of the future,
5. increase the brand value on the market,

This program is for you.
We offer:

1. training sessions for groups of 3 to 12 employees, focused on the mechanisms of the labor market functioning, ways of looking for a job and selling own skills,
2. support in preparing the optimal CV and LinkedIn profile,
3. access to trainers,
4. active job seeking through communication with matching employers on the local market.

Restructuring is never pleasant, and it is also a complicated process. We will, however, support your company throughout this process. We will help from the legal, communication and human side, depending on the needs. Finally, we will also help your employees prepare for effective competition on the labor market and to maintain the brand’s value in the market. Some examples of how we can help your organization during these difficult times:

1. preparation of the restructuring concept,
2. legal training for managers: legal conditions, deadlines, activities necessary to undertake.
3. assistance in the event of negotiations with trade unions, including preparation of documentation,
4. crisis communication, inside and outside the organization,
5. outplacement for employees.

We decrease time of financial pressure

Who We Are


If we added up our total market experience as experts in the field of human resource management, recruitment and outplacement, it would be over 300 years. We conducted organizations through crises in the years 2008–2010 and participated in restructuring programs. We have successfully recruited hundreds of employees for our clients. We know the labor market very well. Both from the side of employers and candidates. In 2019, we accumulated our knowledge and energy into a new brand of outplacement and restructuring support – Linkwork. Contact us. We will certainly find a way to help you and your company.

Company culture is the foundation of the success of any organization

During the biggest crisis of the 21st century, we can survive and succeed only with a road map in our hands and a reliable partner alongside. Linkwork helps build anti-mobility in organizations and employees. We equip clients with tools, knowledge and active support in achieving their goals. Is it about ending cooperation or support in finding new professional challenges, we are here for you. We place emphasis on three pillars:

1. Respect – we believe in true corporate social responsibility. Leading to greater employee engagement, loyalty and, finally, an increase in company value. Nobility in difficult times will pay for itself thousands of times later. Building a brand takes several years, and it takes a few minutes to destroy it.

2. Trust – is the basis of every activity. We make sure that all parties involved in the process are clear about expectations and results. We don’t make promises that we can’t fulfill. We are constantly working to improve the quality of services and our knowledge.

3. Effectiveness – just like in business, just like in life, it’s about time and money efficiency. Our goal is to shorten the period of financial pressure and provide tangible results for both the company and employees.

Ernest Wencel – He gained his competence and experience by implementing recruitment, HR, publishing and media projects. In the years 2006-2019 he was a Member of the Management Board of the consulting company WNCL Sp. z o.o. specialized in strategic HR management. As an Executive Headhunter for over 10 years, he has completed several hundred recruitment processes mainly at the level of management teams for various industries (mainly pharmaceutical, financial, FMCG, and service). For over 7 years, he has been running outplacement programs for international corporations and individual clients.

Przemysław Herman – For almost 20 years he managed international teams with a diversified specialization profile, in Poland and abroad. He created organizational structures and related employer branding strategies, remuneration systems, promotion and development of managerial staff. He led restructuring and process optimization initiatives as well as reorganization projects, such as establishing, separating and merging legal entities.

Each change is an opportunity.

Grab it.

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